San Antonio, Texas – Sino Swearingen and Action Aviation have today concluded an agreement whereby Action Aviation becomes the world’s largest distributor of the Sino Swearingen SJ30. In a bold move, Action Aviation, already an existing SJ30 distributor, secured significant new territories to reach a total of 66 exclusive distributorships throughout Europe and Middle East.

Founder and chairman of Action Aviation, Hamish Harding, stated “This is clearly one of the most significant aircraft to come to the business aircraft market in the last 20 years. We have been awaiting a true transatlantic business jet in this sort of price range for a long time”.

In explaining the rationale for the significant investment that Action Aviation has made in establishing Europe-wide distribution of this aircraft, Harding stated “The SJ30 is the first light business jet ever to have the range to fly ‘anywhere to anywhere’ in Europe, and the SJ30 does all this at 100 kts faster than some well known competitor jets and at a lower cost per mile”.

Action Aviation has secured one of the first SJ30 aircraft to come off the production line and will be demonstrating this aircraft throughout Europe and the Middle East.