At 12:06 on the same day Harry V. Mohney, Founder of Deja Vu Consultants, accepted the symbolic keys to his brand new business tool, he found himself pushed back firmly into a plush seat in the aft cabin of his SJ30 as it lifted off smartly from San Antonio International at 15 degrees; climbing out faster than the level cruise speed of ordinary light jets.

Reaching 41,000 feet in just under 20 minutes, then making a Mach 0.80 dash to Oklahoma City for the day’s first meeting, he could marvel at the comfort aboard the only civil aircraft with a 12 psi cabin; sea-level to 41,000 feet. A system that keeps its passengers un-pressured and feeling fresh throughout the flight.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this day and now we’re really going to work this baby,” says Mohney. “It’s going to help us run this company more efficiently and expand a whole lot faster globally, once we start taking it across the Atlantic. And no light jet even comes close to that.”

For the record, with its Mach 0.83 top speed and 2,500 nautical mile range, the SJ30 is the world’s undisputed lightweight champion; under 20,000 pounds MTOW. In fact, for similar performance you’d have to ante up around $14 million for a larger jet.

So was Harry’s SJ30 worth its wait? “Put it this way,” he advises, “there’s simply no other light jet that would warrant the wait. The SJ30 is a whole different animal,” as he seems to be proving with every flight.

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