San Antonio, TX, USA – Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp. (SSAC) announced today that it recently conducted a major milestone in certification with cold soak testing as required for the FAA Certification of the new SJ30 twinjet aircraft.

The SJ30 is pictured in a cold soak facility at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida that lowers temperatures to minus 40 degrees C. To make things even more exciting, moisture is actually induced into the test building, creating incredibly cold conditions that produces an ice fog, as shown in the photo, that is soaked into the aircraft.

The aircraft is then soaked at this incredibly cold -40 degree temperature and then tested for avionics performance, pre-start, engine start and operation, landing gear retraction and extension, hydraulic system operations as well as functions of other systems and controls

Customers will be extremely excited with this testing, knowing their new SJ30 twinjet aircraft will operate under the harshest freezing conditions and from virtually any point on earth.

Dr. Carl L. Chen, CEO, and President of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation stated today; “For the second phase of Cold Soak Testing the aircraft will be flown to northern Canada or other sever cold areas in the world. There the aircraft will be operated in the very harsh environment of cold temperatures, with high winds and freezing precipitation to verify all systems operate correctly when in these extreme airport surface conditions.”

Dr. Carl Chen added; “After the Cold Soak, the testing phase for flight of the aircraft into Know Icing was launched and is currently underway. We are flying numerous test flights almost daily. In several series of testing, ice shapes are actually added to the leading edges of the aircraft and then it is flown through a number of maneuvers to show worst case flight test scenarios with simulated icing on the leading edges. Actual known icing tests are then conducted”

Alfred Baumbusch, Senior Vice President, Operations, stated today; “The SJ30 has performed very well in the extreme cold conditions that it has been subjected to. Testing has shown that at minus 40 degrees Centigrade, all operating systems function as intended with dispatch procedures not requiring any unusual preflight preparations.”

Mr. Baumbusch added; “Final certification testing will be for the aircraft, using only internal battery power, to start the engines, taxi, takeoff and depart from airports with surface temperatures down to minus 15 degrees C. Then using, auxiliary external, electrical power such as a battery cart, it will be proven that the SJ30 can operate routinely with surface temperatures down to -40 degrees C.”
Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation is certifying the new SJ30 in San Antonio TX with 430 employees in four facilities totaling over 220,000 sq ft in the USA Coast To Coast. The Company continues spectacular acceleration of the FAA certification projected to be final in the second half of this year 2005. The new Sino Swearingen SJ30 business jet is a high performance, long range, intercontinental, twinjet aircraft with an incredible 2,875 sm range and one of the highest cruise speeds in the industry to Mach .83 (560 mph). The SJ30 will operate at altitudes to 49,000 feet and maintain a “Sea Level Cabin” to 41,000 ft with the best pressurization in the business jet world, 12 psi. The new SJ30 will also have certification for single pilot operations. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation business plan is aggressively geared to become the world’s leading aircraft producer by creating a family of cost-efficient, high performance, high-quality, superior technology, business jets. Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.