Action Aviation, distributors for the SJ30 high performance business jet in the Middle East region, set a new world speed record, flying from London to Dubai in 7 hours and 7 minutes (including a 41 minute refuel in Istanbul). The record was set in Action Aviation’s own SJ30 aircraft, captained by Action Aviation’s Chairman Hamish Harding with Bryan Dennison from Emivest Aerospace as co-pilot.

The London Dubai record was achieved at an average speed of 488 mph (786 km/h) (including stopping once for fuel in Istanbul) over the 3470 statute mile route (5600 km).  The flight, which has been officially sanctioned by the National Aeronautical Association, marked the fastest ever speed between London and Dubai for any aircraft under 20,000 lbs (9 tonnes) weight.

Action Aviation’s SJ30 jet is on display at the MEBA show in Dubai at the Action Aviation pavilion.

Hamish Harding commented “The SJ30 jet is a joy to fly. With the high-speed cruise of 486 kts (Mach 0.83), a range of 2,500 nautical miles and an operating ceiling of 49,000 feet, the SJ30 jet has truly exceptional performance for a light jet.  The sea-level cabin all the way to 41,000 ft also means that we are not as tired from the effects of jet lag as we would be on a long journey in any other business jet”.

Harding also commented “Breaking records has become almost a habit with the SJ30.  Last year, we flew our SJ30 aircraft a world record distance in a 24 hour period of 7810 nautical miles (14,500 kms) straight from San Antonio, Texas to Dubai, for the Dubai Air Show.  In July, we flew another SJ30 straight across the Atlantic in one hop, creating a new speed record for its weight class. This latest record London to Dubai proves beyond all doubt the class-beating performance capabilities of the Emivest Aerospace SJ30.”

Routes like Dubai to Moscow, Dubai to the Seychelles, Dubai to anywhere in India are all possible with the SJ30.  Single pilot certificated, it boasts a comfortable cabin with seats that recline to form a fully flat double bed.