San Antonio, TX USA – MT LLC the manufacturer of the acclaimed SJ30 light jet, has announced they are rebranding the company as SyberJet Aircraft. Earlier this year, SyberJet purchased the assets of Emivest Aerospace and committed significant new funds to the SJ30 main production rollout program. Since the acquisition, SyberJet has moved the Martinsburg, West Virginia SJ30 assembly line to its facilities in Cedar City, Utah where it had substantial spare manufacturing space available, and is continuing SJ30 completion operations in San Antonio, Texas.

Mark Fairchild, SyberJet’s General Manager, adds “I am excited to be part of the future success of SyberJet. As a pilot, the SJ30 is an exhilarating jet to fly. SyberJet has a solid operating plan to deliver new SJ30s to the world marketplace. I look forward to providing more people the unique opportunity to experience the high performance capability that SJ30 affords its owners and operators.”

Mr. Hamish Harding of Action Aviation, the SJ30’s largest distributor, responded “We are absolutely thrilled that the SJ30 has finally been acquired by a professional aviation company that has the production experience and substantial investor funding to take the SJ30 program to full production. We also re-confirm Action Aviation’s existing order of 159 SJ30 jets over the next 10 years”.

Harding, who is also a pilot of the SJ30 commented: “The SJ30 jet is an incredible aircraft to fly. With the high-speed cruise of 486 kts (Mach 0.83), a range of 2,500 nautical miles and an operating ceiling of 49,000 feet, the SJ30 jet has truly exceptional performance for a light jet. Also, the sea-level cabin all the way to 41,000 feet also means that pilots and passengers are not as tired from the effects of jet lag as they would be after a long journey in any other business jet. The SJ30 can also do transatlantic flights, anywhere-to-anywhere in USA and anywhere-to-anywhere in Europe without tech stops, which cuts down travel time and airport handling charges”.

“Also, in today’s more cost-conscious aviation world, it is nice to have a jet that not only flies very fast, but also has one of the lowest costs per mile in its class, as Harding elaborates, “The SJ30’s long range cruise speed at 45,000 ft (13,716 m) is Mach 0.78, where we burn less than 700 pounds (318 kg) of fuel per hour. “Other light jets simply can’t do that. The SJ30 simply flies faster, farther, higher and more efficiently than any of our competitors in the light jet category,” he says.