San Antonio, TX, USA – Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC) announced today that it has successfully completed testing of the new SJ30 twinjet aircraft for drenched and flooded runway conditions for both rain and slush. This spectacular photo shows the SJ30 twin jet S/N 0004 as it plunges into flooded runway conditions in a series of tests for water ingestion. The Pilots on board conducting the tests are SSAC Test Pilot, John Siemens, left seat and Tim Fitzgerald right seat.

Intensive testing of the aircraft includes a number of very high speed runs of the aircraft through water troughs with levels of water up to three quarters inch deep. The maximum water depth was set to include the requirements for both the FAA and EASA JAA, testing under rain drenched, slush, and flooded runway conditions.

Speed of the SJ30 as it enters the water troughs are as high as 126 mph. The Aircraft Main Landing Gear and Nose Landing Gear are all put through their paces numerous times in this spectacular test. The purpose of the test is to simulate a flooded runway with rain and slush verification and that no tendency exists for unapproved amounts of water to enter the engine inlets during landing, take off and runway operations.

The SJ30 twin engine, business jet completed this testing without modifications to the aircraft design which have been sometimes necessary on other aircraft.

Dr. Carl Chen, CEO and President of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation said today; “We are ecstatic about this amazing test as it shows the superb functionality and strength of the “trailing link” landing gear and it’s excellent operation under the harshest conditions. The entire company is excited as this test emphasizes some of our final tests to FAA certify the new SJ30 by the second half of this year. The accomplishments and extra team efforts provided by the employees at SSAC and the FAA are significant in obtaining the certification on time and are greatly appreciated by our customers and the entire management team at SSAC.”

This is an incredible landing gear design and location, that consists of the latest “trailing link” landing system. It is similar to an airliner design as it uses two wheels on each main landing gear and two wheels on the nose gear for a total of six wheels and tires on the aircraft. This combination of dual wheels all the way around and trailing link landing gear provides smooth, excellent, taxi, takeoff and landing characteristics and breaking efficiency as well as dual wheel safety protection for the aircraft in case of a tire loss.
Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation is FAA certifying the new SJ30 twin engine business jet at San Antonio TX with over 500 employees in four facilities totaling over 220,000 sq ft in the USA Coast To Coast. The Company continues spectacular acceleration of the FAA certification projected to be final in the second half of this year. The new Sino Swearingen SJ30 business jet is a very high performance, ultra long range, intercontinental, twinjet aircraft with an incredible 2,875 sm range and one of the highest cruise speeds in the industry at Mach .83 (560 mph). The SJ30 will operate at altitudes up to 49,000 feet and maintain a “Sea Level Cabin” through 41,000 ft with the best pressurization in the world, 12 psi. The new SJ30 will also have certification for single pilot operations and a slow approach speed, Vref of approximately 105 kts coupled with very easy to fly handling characteristics and short field landing and takeoff distances under 4,000 ft. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation business plan is aggressively geared to become the world’s leading aircraft producer by creating a family of cost-efficient, high performance, high-quality, superior technology, business jets. Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.