San Antonio, Texas, USA – Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC) announced today that it has recently finalized all required static testing for the FAA certification of the new twinjet airframe including; pressurization, ultimate wing loads up and down bending, landing gear drop testing and all other airframe static testing. Everything is done and the test aircraft is pictured here moments after removal from the static test jig. Almost every sq ft of the aircraft has attachment points with strain gauges, wiring, and other test instruments used during the massive FAA testing requirements.

Dr. Carl L. Chen, President and CEO of SSAC stated; “Static testing is a huge portion of the FAA certification process and it is now completed. The entire team at Sino Swearingen Aircraft has been spectacular in maintaining a schedule and consistent pace that meets the requirements of the 2005 certification date that was set over two years ago. The FAA and each employee are to be complemented for their aggressive and dedicated attitude as is Alfred Baumbusch, Senior Vice President Operations for his amazing planning and execution of all schedules and consistent on time results with the entire static test program.”
Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation is certifying the new SJ30 in San Antonio TX with over 430 employees in four facilities totaling over 220,000 sq ft in the USA Coast To Coast. The Company continues spectacular acceleration of the FAA certification projected to be final in the second half of this year 2005. The new Sino Swearingen SJ30 business jet is a high performance, long range, intercontinental, twinjet aircraft with an incredible 2,875 sm range and one of the highest cruise speeds in the industry to Mach .83 (560 mph). The SJ30 will operate at altitudes to 49,000 feet and maintain a “Sea level cabin” to 41,000 ft with the best pressurization in the business jet world, 12 psi. The new SJ30 will also have certification for single pilot operations. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp. business plan is aggressively geared to become the world’s leading aircraft producer by creating a family of cost-efficient, high performance, high-quality, superior technology, business jets. Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.