Switzerland, CH – The Sino Swearingen SJ30 aircraft was flown from Texas to Geneva by Hamish Harding, Chairman of Action Aviation, on 20th May. Action Aviation is the world’s largest distributor of the Sino Swearingen SJ30 jet in 66 countries throughout Europe, Middle East, India and Russia.

This SJ30 aircraft was recently delivered to its owner, the Jaffe family of Texas, who own the famous Horseshoe Bay lake-side resort in Texas. Jordan Jaffe, also attending EBACE, commented, “Since taking ownership of our SJ30 aircraft, we have flown it 150 hours in three months all over the US, Canada and Mexico, and it has performed outstandingly for us. The ability to fly coast to coast in the US without fuel stops, and at speeds of up to 486 knots, has really increased our ability to carry out our business travel in a time-effective manner. We were also impressed with the high reliability of the aircraft, especially considering we were the launch customer for the aircraft”.

Hamish Harding commented on the transatlantic flight to EBACE, “The performance of the SJ30 was remarkable. On one of the flights, we were able to climb straight to FL430 at max gross weight and at a much worse temperature at altitude than normal (ISA+12), which was a remarkable performance. Also, we flew overnight continuously from Texas to Geneva and it was not as tiring for the pilots or passengers as I had expected due to the SJ30’s remarkable ‘sea level cabin’ all the way to 41,000 ft – the only business aircraft in the world able to do this”.

The SJ30 provides a new level of performance in the light business jet category. It is the world’s fastest (.83 mach, 486 knots or 560 mph) and has the longest range (2,500 nm) of all light business aircraft in the under 20,000 lb class. The SJ30 has a ‘sea level cabin’ pressurization up to 41,000 ft and a max altitude of 49,000 (at which the cabin is still only 1,800 ft).
Harding stated, “The market has been waiting for this aircraft for many years and today in EBACE 2007 it is a landmark occasion for us to have the first customer aircraft in Europe and for us to have it on display to the public in the EBACE static park”.