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Helicopters for Sale

  • New Delivery 2018 Agusta AW169 VIP
  • 2006 Bell 412EP
  • 2010 Agusta AW139 VVIP
  • 2012 Bell 429
  • 2008 Bell 407
New Delivery 2018 Agusta AW169 VIP
Price: Please Enquire
  • Pilot (flight and ground) and Technician (maintenance) training provided by Seller
  • Silver 4+2+2 VIP Corporate layout
  • ADS-B Out
  • Custom Paint & Interior Schemes Possible
  • FDM
  • HUMS
  • MaxViz EVS-1500 and SVS
  • Increased Gross Weight- 4800kg MTOW
Equipment Specifications Pilot Training - Flight and Ground
Expected Delivery
Leonardo AW169 (Agusta Westland)
Delivery hours only
(2) Pratt & Whitney 210A Turboshaft w/ FADEC
4+2+2 Silver VIP Corporate interior
  • Glass Cockpit and Automation Management (GLAM) for 5 students
  • AW169 VFR/IFR Type Rating for 5 students
  • AW169 Type Rating Instructor for 2 students
Retrofit After Delivery Technincian Training - Maintenance
  • 2nd transponder
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Tail logo light
  • LED lighting for cabin step area
  • 2 USB 2.1 mAh outlets and 2 115V outlets in cabin
  • Cabin windows tinted
  • Tinted upper eyebrow cockpit windows
  • Tinted cockpit side window
  • AW169 (PWC 210) Airframe Maintenance Type Training Course B1.3
    - Theoretical Elements for 3 students
  • AW169 (PWC 210) Airframe Maintenance Type Training Course B1.3
    - Practical Elements for 3 students
  • AW169 (PWC 210) Avionic Maintenance Type Training Course B1.3
    - Theoretical Elements for 3 students
  • AW169 (PWC 210) Avionic Maintenance Type Training Course B1.3
    - Practical Elements for 3 students
Avionics Additional Avionics
  • 3 Rockwell Collins display units 10”x8” color AMLCD with LED backlight and NVIS compatibility: 2 PFD’s and 1 MFD
  • 1 integrated standby instrument system
  • 2 display control panels
  • 2 cursor control devices
  • 1 reversionary control panel
  • 1 display dimming panel
  • 2 master caution lights
  • 2 master warning lights
  • 2 avionics full duplex ethernet switches
  • Aircraft monitoring and management system: 2 aircraft monitoring and management computers; 1 data transfer device; 2 touchscreen control panels
  • 4 axis automatic flight control system: flight control computer; flight control system control panel
  • Radio comms and navigation system: 2 VHF-AM radios; 2 NAV (B|VOR/ILS/MB) receivers; 1 ADF; 1 DME; 1 transponder w/ESM (Mode S); 2 SBAS GNSS (GPS’s)
  • Interphone comm system: 2 audio control panels (pilot & copilot stations); 1 audio management unit interfacing external transceivers; 1 passenger intercom amplifier
  • Primary flight instruments: 2 flux valves; 2 ADAHRS; 1 RA; pilot & copilot clocks; 1 standby magnetic compass
  • Rockwell Collins TCAS II 4100
  • Moving maps
  • Rockwell Collins RTA 4112 weather radar
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System
  • Flight Data Monitoring System
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning System
  • Synthetic Vision System
  • Corprate layout “Silver 4+2+2”: 6 comfortable VIP seats (18” fixed); 2 additional seats in the rear cabin bay; cabin carpet; 8 ANR headsets- charging when plugged in the helicopter; 4 point seat belts for passengers
  • Helicopter Comfort package: environmental control system dual zone- air conditioning; full active comfort enhancer VIP
  • Corporate Interior: extended cabin liners on cockpit side; passenger cabin ambient LED lights; PSU w/reading lights and ventilation outlets; emergency lights; emergency exit signs; passenger advisory lights (safety belt chimes); passenger addressing loudspeakers
  • Medium soundproofing
  • Read cabin windows- left and right
  • Inter-communication system for all passengers
  • Corporate cabin management system for ECS, ICS & lights management
  • Main and tail rotor high visibility painting
  • All engine cowls inside painted heat resistant white "polyurethane"
Utility Equipment Ground Equipment
  • Camera on the tail fin
  • Emergency floats - provision
  • Engine air particle separators - provision
  • Engine air particle separators - removable (additional standard engine cowlings - loose equipment)
  • Hinged fuel cap
  • Grab handles in cabin both sides (to be verified compatibility with Silver interior)
  • Extension headset
  • Covers & flags for engines, pitot and connectors
  • Manuals and parts catalogues
  • Tiedown assemblies for main rotor blades
  • Tail rotor blades flapping block
  • Main rotor blades sock pole
  • Main landing gear wheel chocks
  • Landing gear handle locking pin
  • Tow bar
  • Loose equipment bag
  • Baggage compartment cargo net
Cockpit Equipment Loose Equipment
  • Approach plates chart holders with lights for pilot and co-pilot (USB power outlet included)
  • Co-pilot hinged window (storm window)
  • Tablet cradle for chart holders (loose equipment)
  • Windshield washing system
  • Cockpit Cabinet (including 2 USB 2.1 mAh ports)
  • Pen, pencil, torch holder
  • Carpet for cockpit & cabin
  • Second Fire extinguisher in cockpit*
    *If not allowed by certification regulation, provide additional fire extinguisher and relative mounting bracket as loose equipment
  • Leather boots on cyclic and collective pedals
  • Carpet on cockpit floor with metal scuff plates under pilots’ feet
  • Emergency floats - removable
  • Emergency floats rigid covers as per painting scheme
  • 3 spare cabin and spare cockpit carpets
  • Spare fabrics and materials to include 1 roll of each fabric, 3 hides of each color leather and 1 pint of leather dye for touch up of each color leather
  • Spare internal lights to include 3 of each type light (reading, led strip, etc.)
  • 1 spare latch for each drawer
  • Full set of spare door seals
  • Tail blade covers
  • Horizontal stabilizer padded covers
  • Cabin protective seat covers (maintenance covers)
  • Cockpit protective seat covers (maintenance covers)
  • Center pedestal protective covers (maintenance covers)
  • Baggage compartment carpet or padding
  • Spare seat belts for all helicopters + belt extenders in matching materials
  • 11 iPad mini 3Gs
Baseline Aircraft - EASA and FAA IFR Compliant
Airframe Rotors and Controls
  • Airframe structure including nose radome, cockpit, main cabin with
    flat floor and baggage compartment, tail boom, vertical fin, horizontal stabilizers, fuel tank housing
  • Attachments for main gearbox and engines
  • Upper deck cowlings
  • Landing gear attachments
  • 2 heated Pitot tubes
  • Forced fan ventilation
  • Bleed air heater and defroster with air noise suppression
  • Cockpit air adjustable outlets
  • Cockpit instrument panel, overhead panel and interseat console
  • Cockpit windshields
  • Pilot and copilot windshield wipers
  • Overhead cockpit windows
  • Lower cockpit windows
  • Pilot doors with emergency exit windows and "storm window" on pilot side
  • Lower pilot/copilot doors windows
  • 2 plug in sliding doors for passengers’ cabin access with four emergency exit windows
  • Baggage compartment (left hand side door access)
  • Baggage compartment cargo tiedown fittings
  • Lockable baggage compartment doors
  • Main rotor system with composite blades
  • Tail rotor system with composite blades
  • Rotating M1R and T IR flight controls
  • Pilot fixed flight controls (cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals)
  • Copilot fixed flight controls (cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals)
  • Force trim system
  • Four parallel actuators (4-axis autopilot)
  • Main rotor hub beanie
Power Plant and Fuel System
  • Dual Pratt & Whitney Canada 210A turboshaft engines
  • APU mode on left hand side engine
  • 2 anti-icing fuel systems and two magnetic chip detectors (one per engine)
  • 2 independent dual-channel FADEC systems (one per engine)
  • Engines control panel
  • Engine bay group (engine mounts, firewalls, cowlings, drains, exhausts)
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire extinguisher system
  • 1 fire detection and extinguisher control panel
  • Crashworthy fuel cells
  • Filler port for gravity refueling (on left hand side)
  • Fuel quantity gauging system
Transmission Drive System and Hydraulic System Lighting Systems
  • Main transmission gearbox with two direct drive engine inputs, lubrication system with oil ducts integrated in the casing and oil
    cooling system
  • 3 main transmission chip detectors/debris collectors with burning capability
  • Intermediate gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector with burning capability
  • Tail gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector with burning capability
  • Dual independent, redundant hydraulic systems
  • 2 hydraulic power control modules
  • Two main transmission driven hydraulic mechanical pumps for controls and wheel brake actuation
  • Three main rotor dual servo actuators
  • One tail rotor dual servo actuator Ÿ One T/R actuator shut off valve
Internal Lighting
  • Instrument cockpit panel lighting
  • Interseat cockpit console lighting
  • Overhead cockpit console lighting
  • 1 cockpit dome light
  • 2 cockpit utility lights
  • 2 cockpit storm lights
  • Baggage compartment light
External Lighting
  • 1 anti-collision light
  • Navigation lights (red, white, green)
  • 2 retractable swiveling Landing I taxiing lights
  • 2 external emergency lights
  • External lights (night vision goggles friendly)
Landing Gear Additional Baseline Equipment
  • Wheeled fixed tricycle landing gear with two wheels on nose gear, one wheel with brakes on main landing gears and mooring rings
  • Cockpit/cabin steps
  • Rotor brake system
  • 2nd RA
  • 1 solid state CVFDR w/UL
  • 1 fixed ELT - 3 frequencies
  • Cockpit sun shields
  • 28V DC/10Ah utility power socket
  • Separate baggage compartment
  • Baggage smoke detector
  • First aid kit (per JAR OPS 3)
  • 2 fire extinguishers (cabin & cockpit per JAR OPS 3)
  • Pilot/copilot headsets
Electrical Systems
  • DC primary power generation system: 28V DC provided by two independent 300Ah starter generators
  • One heavy duty battery (33Ah)
  • One auxiliary battery (13Ah)
  • 28V DC external power receptacle
  • DC power distribution system (including bus bars, circuit breaker panels and controls)
2006 Bell 412EP
Price: Please Enquire
  • A relatively low time B412EP available at a very attractive price
  • Interior configurable for:
    • Seating 13 passengers
    • Emergency EMS
    • Cargo operations
  • Vibration monitor system (VMS)
  • Color weather radar
  • FliteStep
  • Special Operations
    • Cargo Hook with Capacity of 4500 lbs at Sea Level
    • Rescue Crane Operation
    • Offshore and firefighting capable, fitted with Bambi Bucket
  • High skid landing gear
  • Wire strike protection kit
  • Dual tail boom strakes and Fast Fin system
Equipment Specifications
Year Delivered
Operation Certification
May 2006
Bell 412EP
Completed per Bell Maintenance Manual
- Certificated/Power
4634 total hours
(2) Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3DF Turboshaft
- E22EA/1800 SHP
13 PAX + 2 Crew
Avionics Additional Equipment
  • VHF
  • ADF
  • VOR
  • DME
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • ELT
  • Transponder
  • FDR
  • Smartcycle
  • Vibration monitor system (VMS)
  • Color weather radar
  • FliteStep
  • High skid landing gear
  • Wire strike protection system
  • Dual tail boom strakes and Fast Fin system
Special Operations Interior
  • Cargo Hook with 4500 lb capacity at sea level
  • Rescue Crane Operation
  • Offshore and fire fighting capable, fitted with Bambi Bucket
  • Interior configurable for seating 13 PAX, Emergency EMS and Cargo operations
Performance Exterior
  • Ceiling: 20000 ft
  • Endurance: 330 GAL/3 Hours
  • Speed: 122 kts (Limited by Temperature and Weight)
  • Maximum Take-off weight: 11900 lbs
  • White with red stripes over cabin
  • Red tail boom and fins
2010 Agusta AW139 - VVIP
Price: Please Enquire
  • Price significantly reduced for a quick sale
  • Former VVIP helicopter for G20 country Prime Minister
  • Two configurations included in price: one with 8 VVIP seats and the other with 12 standard passenger seats
  • Goodridge Hoist included in price; detachable when not required
  • Aux tank, soundproofing, vibration absorber & EVS fitted
  • One VVIP owner since new and maintained to highest standards
Equipment Specifications (2) Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C Engines
Year Delivered
Agusta Westland AW139
1902 total hours; 3324 landings
LH & RH Engines: 1902 total hours
8 (VVIP) + 2 crew & 12 (standard seats) + 2 crew (both incl with aircraft)
(Seat track system fitted which potentially allows up to 15 seats)
Avionics Optional Equipment
  • Honeywell ADF, AHRS, ILS (LOC, Glideslope, Marker), DME, VOR, Dual FDS,
    Transponders, GPS module with FPMS
  • Weather radar Primus 660
  • 5 Displays including 2 PFD and 2 MFD display units
  • Dual Radio Altimeters
  • TCAS
  • FMS with phase 5 upgrade
  • Moving map Euronav V display
  • 4 Axis DAFCS with enhanced hover mode
  • Cockpit voice recorder
  • Flight data recorder
  • Goodrich Hoist (winch) equipped
  • Fitted with auxiliary tank – maximum fuel of 1670 kgs can be filled
  • HUMS provision equipped
  • Super Silent soundproofing system
  • Mast vibration absorber
  • Enhanced vision system
  • Overall white with blue, gold, red and green design
  • Two configurations: 8+2 (VVIP) and 12+2 (Standard) seating capacity
  • Height adjustable pilot seats
  • Pilot door with push out emergency exit window
  • Floor provision for 15 seats configuration
  • Air ventilation system
  • Cockpit panel sun glare shields
  • Passenger seating is presented with gray leather seats, with navy blue seat belts
  • Navy blue carpets with floor protectors
  • Crew seats (2) are also presented in gray leather to compliment the passenger cabin
  • 2 cabin fire extinguishers
2012 Bell 429
Price: Please Enquire
  • Well equipped Bell helicopter with 5+2 or 6+2 seating configurations
  • Exceptional flight performance with superb cabin and cockpit visibility
  • Pratt & Whitney turbine engines with digital fuel controls assure maximum fuel efficiency and Category “A” performance in all conditions, including high altitudes and hot climates
Equipment Specifications Interior
Year Delivered
Bell 429
1246 hours; 2278 landings
  • Superb cockpit and cabin visibility w/130 cu.ft. in the passenger compartment
  • 6 place 8.5” ICS wired lightweight corporate passenger seating
  • Standard corporate soundproofing – lightweight
  • Aft bulkhead closeout panel
  • Headliner w/LED lights and adjustable air conditioning vents
  • Dual auxiliary entertainment input (crew and passenger selectable)
  • Cabin can be quickly reconfigured for a variety of mission configurations
  • 74 cu.ft. baggage compartment
  • All LED interior and exterior lighting
  • Large sliding, hinged combination doors on both sides of cabin for ease of access
    and oversize cargo
  • Optional rear clam-shell doors and seating capacity for 8 PAX
(2) Pratt and Whitney 207D1 Engines
LH Engine: 1246 total hours; 2201 cycles
RH Engine: 1246 total hours; 2227 cycles
5+2 or 6+2 PAX
Gray with blue design
  • 3-Tube EFIS/EICAS (6”x8”)
  • Dual pilot controls
  • Electronic data recorder (non-crashworthy)
  • Dual digital 3-Axis AFCS
  • Dual channel SCAS & trim actuators
  • Dual channel AD/AHRS
  • Course/heading/flight director panel
  • Standby attitude/altitude/heading & airspeed
  • Dual channel aircraft data interface unit
  • Garmin GNS 530/430 nav/comms w/HTAWS upgrade
  • Garmin GPS GNS 530W/430W w/WAAS
  • Garmin GTS-800 TCAS w/ optional lower directional antenna
  • Garmin GTX-330ES (extended squitter option) interfaced w/GTS-800
  • Honeywell KRA 405B radar altimeter (req. Cat A)
  • Electrical provisions kit (req. Cat A)
  • Artex C406-N-HM ELT
  • Marker beacon
  • 2nd standby compass (dual pilot IFR)
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder/flight data recorder
  • Weather Radar WU660
  • ATC Transponder Mode S
Performance Weights
Speeds at Max Gross Weight:
  • VNE: 155 kts/287 kmh
  • Max Cruise: 150 kts/278 kmh
  • Range at VLRC1: 411 nm/761 km
  • Max Endurance1: 4.5 hours
1 Max GW, ISA, Std fuel – no reserve, at 4000 ft / 1219 m
  • Empty (standard configuration): 4465 lbs/2025 kg
  • Useful Load (internal, standard configuration): 2535 lbs/1150 kg
  • Max Gross (internal): 7000 lbs/3175 kg
  • Max Gross (external load): 7500 lbs/3402 kg
2008 Bell 407
Price: Please Enquire
  • Well equipped EASA compliant helicopter
  • Immaculate interior with 1+6 seating configuration
  • Impeccably maintained and always hangared
  • Demonstrated speeds to 140kts/ 259kph
  • Maximum range of 330nm/ 611km
  • Useful Payload capability to 2332lbs/ 1058kg
Equipment Specifications Rolls Royce 250-47B Engine
Year Delivered
Bell 407
1702 total hours
EASA Compliant
1702 total hours & 2719 cycles
4013 landings
1+6 seats
Avionics Interior
  • Honeywell KY 196B (8.33Khz) Comm
  • Directional Gyro
  • Garmin GTX 330 Mode S TRANS
  • Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • HM Remote (1)
  • Cyclic Switching
  • Steerable Landing Light
  • Garmin GNS 430 GPS/COMM/NAV
  • Chelton EFIS w/ MFS
  • Altitude & Turn Slip Indicator
  • ARTEX C406 ELT
  • United 5035 ALT
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • The spacious 85ftcu./ 2.4mcu. cabin boasts a 5 place corporate seating arrangement in grey leather with an aft seat folding armrest. The cabin can accommodate 6 PAX and the pilot. This helicopter is multi-mission capable to address a variety of purposes
  • The cabin is soundproofed to ensure a comfortable and quiet flight
  • This helicopter is painted dark blue with gold and white stripes. There is a standard bi-fold door that opens to 61in/ 155cm’s for convenient and quick loading and unloading.
  • The 4-blade high visibility rotor is fabricated from an all-composite material to provide superior hover performance, speed and a smooth, quiet ride.
  • With an exceptional useful payload capacity of 2332lbs/ 1058kg and Spacemaker that expands the capacity and length of the aircraft’s baggage compartment by approximately 50%, this helicopter accommodates many needs & purposes without wear and tear to the interior cabin.


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